Week Of Prayer: 8th – 12th January 2018

With the aim of starting 2018 in the right way, and before we commence our regular weekly activities, we have decided to commit a week to praying.

In our Sunday Services on the 7th January 2018 (10:30am Sudbourne / 6:30pm Tunstall) we will be thinking about:

  • “Why We Pray  – The Importance of Prayer” – We will achieve absolutely nothing of lasting value as a church or as individuals without God’s help. So we pray that he would work through us and maybe in spite of us – Sermon Available Here
  • “How We Pray – The Practice of Prayer” – There are many examples of different sorts of prayers in the Bible and we are going to have a look at a few to see how they can help us in our praying – Sermon Available Here

The sermons from these services are here available for the Morning Service & Evening Service

Following on from that and through the week we will be meeting at various locations around our area to pray for a wide variety of things. In particular, that God would work in this area through His Spirit. We would love it if you could join with us.


 Time & Location


 Sunday 7th

 10:30am Service (Sudbourne)

 6:30pm Service (Tunstall) 

 The Importance of Prayer

 The Practice of Prayer

 Monday 8th

 7:45pm @ Michael & Jennifer Cordle

 – Our Love for God and each other
 – People who came at Christmas
 – The village of Orford
 – Our neighbours

Tuesday 9th

7:45pm @ Tunstall Chapel

 – Preaching and Growth in understanding
 – Outreach to Men
 – The hamlet of Tunstall Common
 – Our building plans

Wednesday 10th



 10:30am @ Matt and Laura Oliver


 7:45pm @ Barry and Sue Hudson

 – Our Families and Marriages
 – Outreach to Women
 – The village of Rendlesham
 – Our friends

 – Love for the lost
 – Outreach to friends
 – The village of Sudbourne
 – Our friends

Thursday 11th

 7:45pm @ Dave and Charys Rushbrook

 – Church growth
 – Outreach to Children and Young  People
 – The village of Rendlesham
 – Our daily activities

Friday 12th

 7:45pm @ Gavin & Sally Oliver

 – Our Children and Young People
 – Ministry in Prisons
 – The village of Tunstall
 – Our colleague