Week Of Prayer: 8th – 12th January 2018

With the aim of starting 2018 in the right way, and before we commence our regular weekly activities, we have decided to commit a week to praying.

In our Sunday Services on the 7th January 2018 (10:30am Sudbourne / 6:30pm Tunstall) we will be thinking about:

  • “Why We Pray” – We will achieve absolutely nothing of lasting value as a church or as individuals without God’s help. So we pray that he would work through us and maybe in spite of us
  • “How We Pray” – There are many examples of different sorts of prayers in the Bible and we are going to have a look at a few to see how they can help us in our praying

The sermons from these services will be available on this website from Monday 8th January.

Following on from that and through the week we will be meeting at various locations around our area to pray for a wide variety of things. In particular, that God would work in this area through His Spirit. We would love it if you could join with us.


 Time & Location


 Sunday 7th

 10:30am Service (Sudbourne)

 6:30pm Service (Tunstall) 

 The Importance of Prayer

 The Practice of Prayer

 Monday 8th

 7:45pm @ Michael & Jennifer Cordle

 – Our Love for God and each other
 – People who came at Christmas
 – The village of Orford
 – Our neighbours

Tuesday 9th

7:45pm @ Tunstall Chapel

 – Preaching and Growth in understanding
 – Outreach to Men
 – The hamlet of Tunstall Common
 – Our building plans

Wednesday 10th



 10:30am @ Matt and Laura Oliver


 7:45pm @ Barry and Sue Hudson

 – Our Families and Marriages
 – Outreach to Women
 – The village of Rendlesham
 – Our friends

 – Love for the lost
 – Outreach to friends
 – The village of Sudbourne
 – Our friends

Thursday 11th

 7:45pm @ Dave and Charys Rushbrook

 – Church growth
 – Outreach to Children and Young  People
 – The village of Rendlesham
 – Our daily activities

Friday 12th

 7:45pm @ Gavin & Sally Oliver

 – Our Children and Young People
 – Ministry in Prisons
 – The village of Tunstall
 – Our colleague