Week Of Prayer: 7th – 11th January 2019

With the aim of starting 2019 in the right way, and before we commence our regular weekly activities, we have decided to commit a week to praying.

We will be meeting at various locations around our area to pray for a wide variety of things. In particular, that God would work in this area through His Spirit. We would love it if you could join with us at our of these “get togethers”.


 Time & Location


 Monday 7th

 7:45pm @ Dave and Charys Rushbrook

 – Our Love for God and each other
 – People who came at Christmas
 – The village of Rendlesham
 – The services at Rendlesham Primary School

Tuesday 10th

7:45pm @ Tunstall Baptist Chapel

 – Preaching and Growth in holiness
 – Outreach to Men
 – The hamlet of Tunstall Common
 – Choosing an Architect and way forward

Wednesday 11th



 10:30am @ Matt and Laura Oliver


 7:45pm @ Michael & Jennfier Cordle

 – Our Families and Marriages
 – Outreach to Women
 – The village of Rendlesham
 – Parish Nursing

 – Our Children & Young People
 – Mission
– The village of Orford
– Our friends/neighbours

Thursday 11th

 7:45pm @ Barry and Sue Hudson

 – Home Groups
 – Outreach to friends and neighbours
 – The village of Sudbourne
 – Our daily activities

Friday 12th

 7:45pm @ Gavin & Sally Oliver

 – Love for the lost
– Outreach to
Children and Young People
 – The village of Tunstall
 – Our colleagues