Dave Rushbrook

Dave was born and raised in the village of Wetherden in central Suffolk. Although a regular in Church from the age of 1 week, Dave didn’t become a Christian until he was 15 and he was baptised 3 years later.

Dave studied Chemistry at the University of Bristol and when he graduated, started work in 1987 as the Work Chemist at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough. For the next 18 years he had a great time sampling sewers, working on defense research projects and investigating accidents all over Britain, finishing as the Head of Safety in the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in 2005.

During his time in Surrey and Hampshire, Dave got involved in Bethel Baptist Church in Farnham and met and married Charys. Towards the end of the 1990’s Dave and Charys were doing more and more in the church and their family was growing. It was then that they started to realise that maybe Dave should be considering working for the church fulltime and leaving the MoD. At the same time people in and outside of the church started making the same comments. God works like that sometimes. So towards the end of 2005 Dave handed in his notice and started the Cornhill Training Course in London and working for the church as Pastoral Assistant.

Towards the end of 4 years of training, it became clear that Dave was meant to be leading a church somewhere else. Lots of people prayed and then loud and clear, the message came. Sudbourne and Tunstall Baptist Church.

Dave, Charys, Florrie, Alice, Will and Beth moved back to Suffolk in August 2009, and here we are!