what can i expectWhat Can I expect?

If you’ve never been to any of our churches, or perhaps have never been to church at all we understand the most difficult decision can be whether or not to come through the doors. We understand this and want to assure you that we welcome anyone to our services but appreciate this can still be daunting. So below we have explained a few things that go on in our services, hopefully to put you at ease:

Why are there 2 Churches & does it matter which one I go to?

If you have a look around this website, you will notice that we use two buildings- one in the village of Tunstall and one in Sudbourne. The churches operated separately until World War 2 when the entire village of Sudbourne was closed down by the army for use as a tank training ground, so people went to Tunstall Baptist Church instead. After the war, the churches began to work and worship together which continued throughout the years up until the present day. The same people meet at both churches; we are one congregation, one membership, one Church worshipping one true God and Saviour- we just use two buildings! And no it doesn’t matter which one you go to, you’ll find the same people at both!

How do I find the Churches?

Please use our location page or monthly calendar to find out where the services are on a Sunday and for information and directions use the Sudbourne Baptist Church or Tunstall Baptist Church information pages (under the “Service Times & Locations” menu option above).

What are the services like?

Firstly, someone will welcome you at the door when you come in and you can ask them any questions about the service.

You will not be given a hymn book or Bible as our songs are projected onto the wall at the front although we do hand out our weekly notice-sheets (also available on this website) to keep people informed of upcoming church activities and other useful information. We have large print song books and Bibles available if required, please ask for these when you are welcomed at the door. There are Bibles available to borrow during the service in the seats.

Regular services will consist of singing 4 or 5 songs (we sing a mixture of contemporary modern worship songs and traditional hymns lead either by our small worship band or backing tracks), a Bible reading or 2, some prayers and a sermon usually lasting no longer than 30 minutes.

The service will be directed from the front, either by our Pastor or a visiting speaker, so you will know what to do. However please do not feel obliged to sing if you are not comfortable doing so and no-one in the congregation is forced or expected to pray or read the Bible out loud, these will be led from the front.

Where do I sit?

The simple answer is anywhere! There is no reserved seating and if you use a hearing aid we have a loop system in place through the PA system which works best if you sit somewhere in the middle.

Is there anything for children?

Children are very welcome at our services, please do not worry if they’re restless. In morning services, children stay in for the beginning of the service, where there is normally a small talk for them and then after 15/20 minutes (after one of the songs as indicated during the service) they can go out to Sunday Club (where they have activities and Bible stories and are split into 3 age groups) and there is also a creche available. Please speak to someone before the service if you’d like your child to go out to Sunday Club, or the creche, they are more then welcome but it is not an issue if you or they would rather they stayed in the service. There are no activities arranged for children during the evening service but they are more than welcome to join us in the service.

Do I have to bring any money?

The simple answer is no! We do not take a collection or ask for money during the service although there is a box at the back of the church if you would like to donate to the church funds. 

How long does a service last?

You’d better ask our pastor Dave! Normally we aim for an hour although it can be around 1 hour 15 minutes.

Are there refreshments available?

Yes there is always tea, coffee and soft drinks (and a few cheeky biscuits) after every service if you’d like to stay around and have a natter or ask any questions.