Asialink Mission Visit – Tues 4th June 2019, 7:30pm

We are delighted to welcome a representative from the Asia Link missionary organisation on Tuesday evening 4th June 2019, 7:30pm at Tunstall Baptist Church.

Previously we have heard about the work going on in Bhutan and although the videos cannot be shared here for the security of those involved, please see the information sheet below or download your own version to save or print off, to help you remember and pray about the situation and people we heard about:

In previous years, we learnt about the missionaries who are trying to help spread the word to the unreached people of Asia. Below are some videos to help explain some of the work and projects that Asialink are involved in and do take a moment to visit their website:

Beautiful Feel Project:

AsiaLink’s job is to connect you with local church planters, teachers, vocational trainers, translators and so on, enabling Asians to go both to their own people and beyond their immediate borders.

The Greatest Story Never Told (Part 1):

What if God’s Word has never even been translated? Some of Asia’s thousands of languages don’t even have an alphabet. We believe in using today’s technology to bring the gospel and the Word of God to the most unreached places in the world.

The Greatest Story Never Told (Part 2):

Printing and placing Bibles has always been at the heart of our mission. Sometimes, the need is simply immense. You may have thought, for example, that the day of carrying Bibles across borders is over. It’s not – not by a long way!

Tears Of The Saints:

Perhaps the most watched Missions video of all time. Translated into multiple languages and seen by millions of believers worldwide.