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We are at a significant point in the life of the church here. We are so grateful to God for what he has been doing over the last 200 years and over the last 3 years. However, we must grasp the responsibilities along with the blessings.

We have not “arrived”!

  • Our arrangements for meeting are “complicated”
  • Our church “organisation” is stretched
  • Our enthusiasm for Jesus is often “lukewarm”
  • And the need is huge! There are still over 7500 in this immediate area who do not know Jesus at all!

We have not arrived, but we are approaching a tricky part of the journey. We need to pray.

With this in mind, we held a day of prayer one Satirday during November 2019. On this day, there were several stations set up identifying the needs outlined below. Each cycle included:

  • A few minutes of discussion clarifying the need at that station,
  • Prayer for that need.
  • Opportunity to annotate the displays with thoughts and ideas.

The following were the areas we concentrated on and prayer over with the emphahsis being on MORE

Prayer areas:

More Space

  • Location
  • Planning Application
  • Funding
  • New Building

More People

  • Our villages
  • Our Communities
  • People
  • Needs

More of Jesus

  • Conversions
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Love in the Church
  • Love shining out of the Church

More Leaders

  • Identify
  • Develop
  • Appoint

Although this may have been one day, the opportunity to pray never ceases, whether during our church prayer meetings, within our homegroups, or in our own homes. Please continue to pray over these areas, the future of our church and our witness in the surrounding communities.


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