Rendlesham School Considerations:

Meeting at Rendlesham School every Sunday Morning* Will fit more people in
* Better parking
* Encourages non-driving: healthier and better for environment
* Church has a presence in the area
* Church is visible to the community.
* Provide a base: Everyone knows there will be a service on Sunday morning
* Encourages occasional visitors to come on a regular basis
* Plenty of space for musicians
* Space for buggies: back of the hall / end of rows
* Easier access/space for wheelchair users.
* Disabled toilet facilities
* Nappy changing facility.
* Safe, contained outside space for children to enjoy after the service
* Being able to serve refreshments adjacent to the kitchen - safer than carrying trays of hot drinks
* More space in the hall makes it easier to circulate.
* No maintenance other than cleaning up
* Potentially less 'wear and tear' on Sudbourne
* reduced utilities costs at Sudbourne to offset against school hire costs.
* Better separate spaces for children's groups
* More work for people to set up / Same few people are doing set up and set down / Will need more helpers
* Will cost more to rent
* Unable to have church lunches, so reduces the ways we have fellowship together.
* School is larger, nosier environment that some of our fellowship struggle with
* Selling existing buildings could lessen visibility in other villages
1.) How much extra will it cost?
2.) Will we sell Sudbourne? if so:
3.) What about FC,YG, Coffee Morning?
4.) Style of services different Sudbourne/Rendlesham, how will it be managed?
5.) What about communion services?
6.) How do we ensure surrounding villages that had church presence don't feel left out?
7.) How secure is our tenure at the School?
8.) Will there be more robust rota for clearing up so that the same folk are not doing the bulk of the work?
9.) Since a soup would not be possible, could we consider a simple 'bring and share' lunch, a cold buffet of finger food. Alternatively a church picnic in the outside space in the warmer weather.
1.) £4,680 per year (currently £2,160)
2.) Yes that is the agreed way forward selling the buildings.
3.) Leaders of groups should be prayerfully considering how these groups will operate going forward.
4.) Services are not noticeably different. Worship styles may be slightly different depending on who is leading worship.
5.) Will have to be managed perhaps before service and/or afternoon/evening communion to maximise attendance
6.) As now, church is people, people are witnesses in their villages and need to let leadership know what can be done to help spread word in their location.
7.) School agree to our booked dates in advance and have been very supportive of our use.
8.) Agreed peoples workloads and rotas need to be carefully managed.
9.) Good idea! Need to keep fellowship and relationship building at the heart of our church